Cryp Trade Challenge

We are glad to welcome you, our dear partners!

Summing up the year that has nearly ended, we want to express all the gratitude for the work done! Thanks to your business support we managed to do even more than had been planned. The dynamics and geography of the development of our company is continuously growing! Lots of the leaders of investment and cryptocurrency market have started to pay attention to us.

We managed to get several offers concerning cooperation from the major companies and as soon as the holidays end, we will continue to negotiate and establish new business relations. A new central office of the company was opened in Spain. The company was reincorporated in the city of Alicante, and that allows us to perform our activities freely in the European legal environment.

And in this regard, we announce the first international congress of the company for the financial report, where exclusive news will be announced, as well as:

– acquaintance with the company’s management will take place

– business plan and development prospects for 2017 will be introduced

– presentation, the concept and functions of the mobile application will be discussed

– training of invited guests will be carried out

– traders will participate

– trip to the main office of the company will take place

– all the participants will get surprises and gifts

– there will be awards and congratulations

– excursions and a few days of free holiday!

– office agenda and lot more

In honor of this event, the company announces the promotion, allowing the attendance of this event for free! Test conditions:

From January, 5 to Febrary, 05

For all the partners who fulfill PERSONAL turnover:

$ 28,000 – the company fully pays for the trip for 1 person.

$ 35,000 – the company pays for the trip for 2 persons. Accommodation for 5 nights at the most elite and prestigious hotel of the district of Valencia.